I read a brilliant poem about mothers being the glue that keep families together.  It’s not the first poem I’ve read on www.theuncheshirewife.com and I am constantly impressed by how easy she makes it appear to write great poetry.  After deciding to stay in the Army, and speaking to my daughter over FaceTime, two lines that rhymed popped into my head.  Before you knew it I had written a few more lines and kept going until I had what resembled an extremely amateurish poem.  (by poem I mean a lot of words where every other line rhymes; I didn’t realise there were so many words that could rhyme with say or way!)  Well, after writing it and a few tears, I thought I would put it here:

“I wish I had more courage

and faith that it will be ok,

but for all the right reasons,

that I’ll explain to you one day,

I must stay in the Army

until retirement day.

I’ll be home as often as I can

and limit time away,

but for now I’m truly sorry

that it has to be this way.


I promised I’d be home more;

I promised we could play;

I said I’d leave the Army;

I said I’d come home to stay.

I’m sorry I’m not quitting

and I’m sorry I’m away,

but know that I still love you

and miss you every day.


I miss you and your brother

much more than words can say

and I promise I’ll do much better

in each and every way,

and I’m so very, very sorry

that it’s me that made it this way.”

For Olivia and George.  I love you so much and thank you for all your support.

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