How to Stay Fit While Watching TV

When you’re a father to a couple of young children, expect to be participating in a lot of activities that they like and not necessarily things that you enjoy, including watching a bunch of kid friendly shows and movies that the kids love to play over and over again.

Spending this much time in front of the television gets in the way of completing daily tasks and routines like exercise, but when your daughter insists that you watch her favourite cartoon with her, you can’t exactly say no. The only way to avoid your transformation into a couch potato is by incorporating a workout into TV time.

Although research studies posted on The Guardian have proven time and time again that men aren’t genetically wired to multitask, getting a few exercises in while hanging out with the kids is completely doable for any father struggling to find time for a gym session.

The amount of inactivity that occurs while watching Frozen for the thousandth time is detrimental to any parent’s health, which is why fitness promoters like Alice Beverton-Palmer encourage that you replace alcohol from TV and movie drinking games with physical exercise. In this instance, they’ve tailored their workouts according to The X Factor, a show that is now a worldwide sensation and expanding into other industries, with the upcoming launch of The X Factor Games among other related ventures.

Structuring a fitness regimen like this isn’t exactly possible with the content that your kids are interested in, so here are some other ideas for you to incorporate exercise in front of the television:
1) Set up your machine in your living room
If you have enough space (and also have some form of exercise machine), you can easily turn your living room into your gym so that you have no excuses for falling behind with your fitness. Get your cardio in while your kids are singing along to the SpongeBob theme song, and maybe even time yourself on a 3K run. I personally have my Pull Up Mate and Bodylastics bands sat in the middle of the living room which, when combined, provide a full body workout with minimal fuss and equipment. If you’re after an exercise bike, check out this guide on how to select the best one for you.
2) Do pushups, crunches and squats during commercials
Allocate one exercise per commercial break and see how many reps of each you can do. Keep track of these numbers and aim to increase them each time a particular TV series is on.
3) Follow the Neila Rey workouts
With three different routines that make use of your sofa, getting fit while watching TV has never been easier. Regardless of whether you’re watching a movie or a 20-minute segment, Neila Rey has created infographics of exercises, complete with the number of reps and sets and all, for every viewing experience.

SocialTimes do a profile of Neila Rey

SocialTimes do a profile of Neila Rey

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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